No.3 【藤林杏 Fujibayashi Kyou】


Immediately after I lost the last painting's file, I started this painting.Copy lines from animation screenshot. My mom took the tablet away because she thought I spent too much time on it before I finished the painting. Well, I still got my mouse and pen layers avaliable. This might be the only time I use a mouse to draw on computer ever. Initial version is kind of too red and the hue is too high. This is because my labtop has a CCFI screen which tends to show less red (so I need extra red to make it looks good on my screen). After I bought an IPS-LED monitor, I went back and adjusted its color. Details can be found in the last link above, if you can read that Chinese post though. =w= You can see all my layers for this painting in the progress above. I started to use tons of layers, which is kind of my style now (like 200+ layers and 20 of them was just for eyes). You can see that from the screenshot of layers in the progress above.
Post date: 2012/11/18
Last retouch date: 2013/11/07