No.14 【Clannad 10周年征画 Clannad 10th anniversay painting solicitation】

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Clannad 10th anniversay painting solicitation. The chosen ones can get a free copy of the Clannad 10th anniversay book. Though I knew I couldn't get that honor, I decided to do my best to submit the best painting I could reach at that moment. Why? I love Clannd. Don't even need a second reason. I spent the entire 3 months to do the painting. I asked pros for advises. I tried to learn how to draw hair, eyes, cloths, different light conditions... I learned so many things from doing this painting, and I started to learn to draw by doing this kind of large projects instead of daily simple practice like most artists do. Whatever, I enjoy this kind of procedures, and I'm learning new things from it, why not?
Post date: 2013/5/22