No.1 【处女作 天使 Tenshi】

那是我第一次从好友Maria那里得知数位板的存在。2012年在中介写申请期间,很惊讶于她几秒钟就能在电脑上画出很可爱的人物,于是便借来她的板子玩的。随便从手机里找了一张看起来还不算太复杂的Angel Beats动画截图然后开始临摹。要知道我在那之前一点绘画天赋都没有,直到现在也一样虽然看了很多人体结构和教程什么的,也能对其他人的画在这方面做些点评,可是真正自己画的时候对于线条的而控制就很烂了。当时颜色笔刷什么的完全不会调,所以随便拿了个笔刷就开始涂。其实当时涂完的第一个版本不是很好看,Maria只是帮我改了改脸型的线瞬间感觉什么都对了,接着她又帮我简单上了眼睛的颜色和头发的阴影,然后就是现在这个版本了。原来我也能照猫画虎哈哈,当时正好在逛KeyFansClub论坛,里边也有很多大触在po画,我也斗胆把画po上去了,居然有那么多人回复给了我好多动力,这才开始了我的板画路

My very first electronic painting in the life. My very first Japanese anime style painting in the life.
Year 2012, senior year of my highschool, it was my first time to meet with a tablet when I was doing college application with my friend Maria. Within a few seconds, she drew a nice little lovely figure with her tablet. I was amazed about the electronic painting technology as well as Maria's skill. Then I asked her if I could give it a shoot though I had zero painting experience and expertise. It would be so firetrucking cool if I could draw the characters I like from animes. So I chose a seemingly simple screenshot from Angel Beats and start the painting. Maria helped me to fix the face shape, color the eyes, and add some simple shade to the hair. I couldn't believe this was painted by me (though with Maria's help)! I posted it on a Chinese forum called KeyFansClub where other artists also post their painting. (It wasn't a forum intentionally for posting paintings, but rather it has a sub-block for posting paintings for members.) I got tons of replies and comments. (This is what's cool about that forum because people comment and encourage you a lot no matter what level you are.) This gave me tremendous motivation to keep drawing.
Post date: 2012/10/21